Introducing The Most Powerful, Affordable, 
Rapid-Flow Water Filtration System 
For Your Entire Home
Introducing The Most Powerful, Affordable Rapid-Flow Water System For Your Entire Home
Extreme Wellness Filters Produce the Purest Filtered Water on the Planet AND Allow You to Run the Shower, Dishwasher & Washing Machine all at the Same Time!
Extreme Wellness Filters Produce the Purest Filtered Water on the Planet AND Allow You to Run the Shower, Dishwasher & Washing Machine all at the Same Time!
Extreme Wellness Water Filters
 Eliminates 99.99% of all Toxins
Small pore size means electrical charges completely cover the inside of each pore and create overlapping high-tension electrical fields destroying all toxicity.
Removes Heavy Metals
Completely removes leads, copper, manganese iron and all traces of heavy metal toxicity, our filters are so powerful they have been also tested to remove radioactive material! 
Destroys Viruses
When Virus passes through the twisted chain of charged pores, a powerful electric discharge destroys them. 
 Removes Chlorine
Our filters are activated with carbon to effectively remove chlorine, organic admixtures, turbidity, coloration, foreign odours and tastes  
Protects your appliances
The combination of polypropylene, activated carbon, bacteriostatic silver and ion-exchange resins removes toxins and sediment ensuring your household appliances are free from dust, corrosion and obstruction  
 Use HOT & COLD water
Our filters can be used for delicate mechanical filtering of hot water, removing all suspended particles and protecting household systems
 Extremely Fast flow rate
Our filters technology means a flow-rate of 50L/min at pressure up to 100PSI and a capacity of 300,000 litres. Our house hold system can provide enough filtered water to have 3 showers and a kitchen dishwater working at once! 
Extreme Wellness Water Filters

How Toxic is Your Tap Water?

When you turn on your tap you would expect that the water coming out is safe to drink. 

Even though most of the water provided to the public meets national safety standards, treated water, when rigorously tested very often still contains dangerous toxins that can adversely affect the health of you and your family.

Unfiltered water puts an unnecessary burden on your body to detoxify these chemicals.

The best protection is a high quality, high-flow water filter that purifies both your bathing water and drinking water and supplies your whole home.
Extreme Wellness Water Filters

Endorsements & Certifications

Extreme Wellness Water Filters

100% Safe with Bathing AND Drinking Water. 

Most people are completely unaware that their bathing water is far more dangerous than their drinking water. 

Why? Hot or warm water activates highly volatile compounds and these toxic chemicals and irritants are then absorbed through the skin and directly enter our bloodstream and organs.

Extreme Wellness Filters creates house water that is safe and toxin FREE by removing contaminants from BOTH bathing and drinking water.
Extreme Wellness Water Filters

Tested & Proven To Remove Viruses & Contaminants

Clean and toxin-free water is the most essential element of a healthy home. 

The Extreme Wellness system completely removes Hepatitis A, Rotaviruses, Legionella, Salmonella, Poliovirus and all other major viruses. These filters remove viruses to to the concentration Of 10^8 Pc/Ml. 

This superior protection is unrivalled when comparing with other water filters. 
This Means You'll Enjoy water that is cleaner, pureR and safer than eveR before
Extreme Wellness Water Filters

The World's Best Water Filters

Endorsed by Leading Global Epidemiology and Toxicity Labs.

Advanced Technology For the Safest Water Possible.

Extreme Wellness Filters combine multiple water treament methods, including mechanical filtration, absorption, ion exchange, and electric adsorption.
Woven polypropylene, activated carbon, bacteriostatic silver and ion-exchange resins are
combined with spherical globular polymers with
sub-micron pores.

Small pore size means electrical charges completely cover the inside of each pore and create overlapping high-tension fields. 

When viruses pass through the twisted chain of charged pores, a powerful electric discharge destroys them. This polymer filtration is up to 20 times more effective than other forms of ion-exchange.
Extreme Wellness Water Filters
Extreme Wellness Water Filters
Extreme Wellness Water Filters

I’ve Travelled the Globe in Search of the World’s Best Water Filter

"Over many years of lecturing on holistic health and detoxification I’ve frequently been asked...
"What’s the best water filter?"
Until now my answer has always been "It's complicated!", and that’s because there are so many water filters on the market, but many of them are of poor quality and lack evidence based research and testing.
So I was challenged when people said…
"If you don't know what’s the best filter (after doing a medical degree and two PhDs) how are WE supposed to work it out?"
So I set out to discover the best water filtration system and when no system met all my requirements, I decided to develop my own.
I wanted a system capable of filtering all the water in the house rather than just drinking water, and it had to be based on the latest technology and scientific knowledge.
It also had to be simple, robust and affordable.
I can finally say Extreme Wellness Water Filters are the best quality filters you can buy, and I am now proud to provide clean water solutions to the world. "

Extreme Wellness Water Filters
Dr Marc Cohen
Medical Doctor, Professor 
Founder of The Extreme Wellness Institute
Your Purchase Will Save Lives
Currently nearly 1 billion people are without access to sufficient drinking water and one in three people on earth do not have access to clean bathing water and cannot effectively wash away dirt, faeces or menstrual blood.

At Extreme Wellness Water Filters we believe everyone should have access to clean water for drinking and bathing. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Bathe the World Foundation and we donate 10% of the total revenue from every filter sold!
Here’s what’s Included in the Extreme Wellness Whole Home Filtration System  

Extreme Wellness Water Filters

Here’s Everything you Need to Supply Pure Water to Your Whole Home 

  • 1 x 20 inch Woven Polypropylene Sediment filter
  • 1 x 20 inch Eco-Polymer, Activated Carbon and Ion-Exchange Filter
  • ​2 x 20 inch High-Grade Stainless Steel Protective Canisters
  • ​4 x High-Grade Stainless Steel Falcon Flexible Hoses
  • ​1 x Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket
  • ​1 x Cartridge Removal Tool
  • ​Simple and Easy Installation Instructions Included
  • ​Free Postage within Australia

NORMALLY: $3,995.00


(Includes GST and FREE Shipping within Australia)
*Remember, when you order the Extreme Wellness Filter System today, 10% of the total sum of your purchase will be donated to the “Bathe the World” Foundation. Your money will not only provide safe, toxin-free water for you and your family but will also directly improve the health of people all over the world.
Frequently Asked Questions
How often will I need to replace the cartridges?
This system can supply your entire home for a full year before replacing the cartridges. Replacement cartridges can easily be ordered through our main site.
Can I use this system for both Hot and Cold water?
Yes, our high grade steel canisters, falcon connectors and high quality filtration system will allow you to run both hot and cold water without degrading your water pipes or your appliances.
Is Installation Included?
We provide you with very simple DIY installation instructions. The whole home system comes with easy to mount brackets, a filter replacement tool and connectors for simple installation.
Will these filters provide safe water throughout my whole house?
Yes, our filters have been tested by some of the world’s leading toxicology organisations and shown to remove all major contaminants that are dangerous to human and animal health.
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